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Case Studies: Seeing The Unseen

We believe this is the most important area of this website.

The First IP Lesson

All that glitters may indeed not be Gold. (1991-92)

The Real Magic Of IP

Transformation from millions to billions (1996)

Value Of IP

From Zero To $63 million in less than 2 years (1998-2000)

IP Salvages Liquidation

Creative Patent Claims Salvage Investments When a Financial Tsunami Liquidates Business : US Patent No. 6,039872(1999-2008)

Tech Predictability

Not Every Unseen Can Possibly Be Seen : US Patent No. 7,228,424 (2001-2007)

Aug 28 / 2014

Amazing things happen because of passion and dedication in any form of work

Aug 18 / 2014

Winners are not built in a day, but with years of commitment and utmost hardwork