Blockchained IoX

Blockchianed Internet of Everything (IoX) = IoT + IoNT + Blockchain

This work intersects at least 4 of the 10 emerging technologies of 2016 compiled by the WEF, which include blockchain, autonomous cars, AI and nanotechnology. Internet of Things (IoT) is at the heart of these technologies binding them together into a single IoX ecosystem of our vision.

Predicted to populate the world with about 50 billion connected devices that generate $19 TRILLION worth of economic benefit over the next decade, IoT could well be the biggest thing that ever happened to humanity.

We have identified two new paradigms that we believe will play key role in building world’s biggest robot of the future – the IoT (or should we say the IoX?):

  1. Safety, security, privacy and speed of the protocols that connect the devices/peers
  2. Autonomous and anonymous exchange of the enormous amount of intelligence data between devices/peers in real time for creating collective artificial intelligence (CAI) that pushes AI of each connected device to superhuman levels, as one would need in the autonomous vehicles and autonomous traffic of the future.

    Our work on next generation blockchain and CAI satisfies both these paradigms and tests them in at least six commercially viable use cases. Please review our White Paper on our ultra-low latency blockchain here.

  3. Here we provide a broader perspective and our take on:

  4. How the “AI apocalypse” / “existential risk” controversy that split the scientific world in 2016, can be resolved technologically by curbing the perils of AI on one hand, and enhancing the AI on the other.
  5. How nature’s collective intelligence inspires nanodevices, nanomachines, nanorobots to build nanonetworks that connect them to build their own Internet of Nano-Things (IoNT) and become part of world’s biggest robot.