Tech Predictability

Not Every Unseen Can Possibly Be Seen : US Patent No. 7,228,424 (2001-2007)

Certain inventions perish quickly by the speed of technological advancement. Not every unseen can be seen. EVEN the best visionaries may fail to speculate where the technology is headed. In 1981, Bill Gates said that "640 KB ought to be enough for anyone." How ridiculous that sounds in 2009. What seemed to us as a marvelous completely fool proof blockbuster product to overcome any and all kinds of internet security threats and double up as the futuristic credit card in 2001 became obsolete by the time the patent was issued in 2007.

The ROCK (Real Online Card Key: US Patent No. 7,228,424, June 5, 2007) used a unique first of its kind approach to secure online transactions that defeated all known security threats ranging from decryption to ID theft based on computer-resident Trojans and key loggers. This CD-ROM dependant technology bypassed all the conventional means of hacking or stealing online transactions. Yet it became extinct merely because unpredictably the CD-ROM drives increasingly became irrelevant to the COMPUTERS of the new millennium.

Well, in knowledge economy all can never be lost. New knowledge builds on old. One invention leads to another. Wanna see how one door closed opens up another? And, leads to an even bigger blockbuster opportunity? Well if you have the courage and appetite to take small risks to trigger a major technological revolution letç—´ get together to write the next case study on inventing the ultimate Guardian Angel of the blue nowhere.